Hello Again

I know that I haven’t written anything in a long while. That is mostly because not a whole lot has changed. Life has trudged on in the same fashion that it has been for the past year. Nothing has happened on my relationship front. I haven’t got any new leads on a job somewhere. I have put out lots of resumes and cover letters to no avail. I’m afraid that I’m not qualified or too qualified for the positions that I’m applying for.

My weight loss has stalled again. And it’s usually over the tremendous amounts of stress that I’ve been under. I’ve been trying very hard not to stress eat but it doesn’t always work. I did get a Nutribullet and I have been using that for the past week and a half with good results so far. In the very least I am getting in all of my fruits and veggies for the day. I have even thought about doing the Simply Filling Technique from Weight Watchers (since I am still making my weekly appearances there). I have a feeling that doing SFT would be hard considering that I am around regular food anyways when it comes to feeding my son.

I have been trying to make some money with Amazon Mechanical Turk and have been getting at least a couple of dollars a day that I’m putting away for work clothes, stuff that I’ll need for my next house, and my emergencies. If you follow my Avon page on Facebook I have really ramped up posts there and on Twitter. I post great deals in both locations. Because saving money is important, it doesn’t matter how much you have.

I have also pulled out some of my writing from way back, and have started trying to formulate ways that I can storyboard it for novel ideas. She snorted unbelievingly. Writing is hard, because if it was easy everyone would do it. I will try to post more here because believe it or not I do like to write.