Things Got Crazy

Things got crazy for a while there in the middle of July, but it has opened my heart and my mind a lot to think and pursue different things. Things that I like doing. Things that make me happy.

The two biggest and major things that happened last month were the ends of chapters in my life and others. At the end of June my Father called to let me know that his Dad had found out that he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was in an incredible amount of pain (he passed not long after the diagnosis). And I settled on my divorce. My Grandfather’s passing and my settlement came all with in a week of each other.

I know that I wasn’t ready for either of them to happen. Who ever is ready for such major things like these? No one I know of.

After grieving on both fronts my brain has started to loosen from its tightly wound state. There was nothing coming out. I felt stagnant. The only thing that I found myself able to do is knit. I had to knit to keep my hands busy or I’m pretty sure that I would have eaten everything in the house. Now it seems like there is some space in my head to think about other things. There are parts of stories that are trying to eek out, I actually finished knitting a blanket for my son, I started making a crochet project for myself, and I’ve been writing in my journal  way more than I had been.

I have started to become inspired again and it’s a wonderful thing. I’m getting inspired on a spiritual front, an artistic front, and a moving on (both mentally and physically moving) front. As soon as STBX removes my name from the mortgage and I receive my monetary amount I’ll be moving. To where I don’t know.

Now I feel like I can look for a job and not feel like there is anything holding back. Maybe there was that hope somewhere deep inside me that it was all a dream and I would wake up and I wouldn’t be in the middle of a divorce. I don’t feel this way anymore. Now I’m just ready to get on with that bit in my life. I know that it’s coming now and do what I have to do to get work.

A friend of mine offered to help me with my resume so it would look better, because it was in terrible shape. Another friend of mine offered to put in a good word for me at his place of business and would give his boss my resume. So I have to get it all spiffed up and to him asap.

I am not completely over all that has happened in the past month by any means. I’m still keeping my family in my thoughts and prayers because it isn’t finished for any of us. I keep hoping that this year will end (at the very least without anymore heartache than necessary).



/start rant

I hate that I have so much frustration. A lot of it is stemming from the fact that the person that filed for divorce put no planning into what would happen after that what so ever. Like things would continue on like nothing happened. Like we could just keep living together after everything was final.

The whole reason that he filled for divorce was that he didn’t want to come home to be with me. But he is willing to continue to live with me until he figures that he can afford to move out. How does that make any sense? It doesn’t to me. If you have a problem living with me wouldn’t you go ahead and save money to move out first? Or wait to file when you actually felt like you had the means to leave instead of filing and putting everyone through crap while you save up?

Why is it that it takes over 3 months to complete something that should have been done 3 months ago? And then when it’s done, it isn’t done completely? Just because they believe that a part isn’t necessary to it functioning. True enough it doesn’t help it function  in any way, but it completes the look of the job and doesn’t make it look unfinished. Seeing that we are going to have to put the house on the market why make more work for yourself. Get it done completely and make it look nice. Because you’re just going to have to do it later and take more time doing it all over again.

/bangs head on desk

/end rant