The Writing’s Been Good

The writing has been pretty good lately. I have been able to get down crazy amounts of pages of hand written journal. I have been able to take writing prompts and run with them. Where has this part of my brain been in the past six or so years. It seems like I could never do this much writing before. It’s like someone has pulled a plug and everything just started oozing out.

I have also been going crazy on Twitter lately too. I’m surprised no one has told me to shut up yet. But twitter is just that kind of place where everyone and no one is listening all at the same time.

There is a website called Writers Write and they give amazing advice and writing prompts. I follow them on Facebook and Pinterest and here lately on Twitter. Looking through their writing prompts that they post on Pinterest early yesterday morning just made something click in my head. My mind is turned on and I’m so happy for it.


Writing Old School Style

I have also found that I am able to write with more focus when I’m not on the computer doing my first draft. I always seem to get sidetracked. Because there is Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. They are all distractions. Another great website that I have going in the background when I’ve been writing today is Coffitivity. What it basically does is give background noise to make it sound like you are sitting in a coffee shop without actually having to be in a coffee shop. Now if I could just remember to brew a cuppa before I started my writing I probably would be better off!

I want this phase to continue. I am happy when I’m producing something. I have this problem though. I’m very flighty. Something else will pop up like my unfinished crochet project that is almost done and I’ll drop everything else. But I need to get that finished so I can show it off too. 🙂

Have a good one readers!