A Bit About Me (Okay Maybe A Lot)

Hiya. My name is Jaime. I am looking forward to getting to know you out there as I post things that are important to me.

I would like to let you know a little bit about myself (even though this little bit could actually turn out to be a lot). I am a mom in my early 30’s that is about to become a single mom raising a little boy of 2. Life is going to become a bit entertaining for the blogisphere I’m sure. I’m going to more than likely rant about that process among other things. Things that are important to me as a mom, like what programs my kid and I watch, things that I watch by myself, etc.

A little of my history involves that I am a displaced yankee living in the south. Not that I am really having a problem with that. I have been living here since 2000. Wow. That’s hard to believe when I actually type that out. I’m alright with calling it home (even though I would love to see snow more often than I do now). I lived in southwest Michigan growing up and had a pretty normal childhood. You know, playing outside until it got dark, only a couple of channels on the TV, and only one phone that was attached to the wall with an incredibly long cord. After I graduated high school, I quickly started my college career at ITT Tech. I got two degrees with them (AAS in Electronic Engineering Technology and an AAS in Computer Networking System Technology). I moved to the south when I followed my Soon-To-Be-Ex (herein afterward known as STBX). We both got jobs with the big telecom company here. I stayed there until I became a mom and we chose to have me stay at home to raise our awesome kid.

Another probable topic of discussion will be my weight loss progress and keeping it off when the time comes. This year is going to be crazy hectic and I don’t want my life getting in my way and screwing up that momentum. I am losing weight for myself. I am going to be totally selfish, but at least my son will benefit from the results. I am using Weight Watchers as my plan with the back up of MyFitnessPal (in case that I won’t have the money to continue WW because of the big D).

Also I am an AVON lady so from time to time I’ll let you guys in on what sales are coming up, and some product reviews of things I have tried. AVON is more than just makeup. It’s a bit of everything. I’ve seen home decor, fashion, baby stuff, hair care, and skin care, just to name a few things.

I also love to craft. I crochet, knit, and sew (a tiny bit). Soon I’ll be putting things that I have created up for purchase. I’ll probably be posting pictures of those as I go too. I can’t wait until I let my son at something other than crayons it could be very interesting (I promise I’ll post cute pictures).

That I believe is enough for this post. I’ll be typing at you later. 🙂



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