An Update of Sorts

So I know that I didn’t write much of anything last week. I have to admit that I was concentrating on putting in resumes and applications at different positions around the metro. I am hoping for one of those really good paying jobs. I would love to be able to start somewhere making decent money. I know that I won’t make as much as my last job right off, but even half of that would allow me to get into a house of my own.

I have also really started to brainstorm and try to figure out what kind of story/novel I want to write. Sometimes even figuring out the genre that you want to write in can be a bit mind numbing. I am a romantic at heart. So of course every time I go to write even something with elves, dwarves, and men that I start pairing them up with their beloveds before anything even gets on paper! Sometimes it’s pretty annoying. I would love to be able to concentrate on a story line that does not just revolve around “love.”

Since I have been leaning toward the romance side I have started looking into how to write a good romance novel. The biggest thing with me writing romances is that they would probably be in the “sweet” category, because I don’t really want to write about sex. I find that when I read romance novels that I end up skipping all of the sex parts anyways. That always bums me out because I’m afraid that I’m going to miss something in the middle of all of that sex going on.

At the same time I find myself wanting to resurrect one of the stories that I was working on in high school. The only thing is that I would probably want to scrap most of the writing that I did and start over with just the ideas and basic outline, because my writing from back then seems so basic and blah.  At one point in college I wrote a couple of fan fictions for sailor moon, and going back to read them now makes me want to shudder. I don’t know how I ever got good reviews on them.

It’s alright though. I’ll get something published eventually.


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