Getting Back on Track

I found myself on the scale again today. As it is at least that way every Saturday. I already kind of knew what was going to face me when I stepped on it before I even left the house for my official Weight Watcher weigh in. The whole week I tried my hardest to make sure that I tracked everything that went in my mouth. And with good reason. Because if I hadn’t I am quite sure that I would have went over my points for the entire week. Something that I wasn’t looking forward to doing.

So Friday rolls around and we went to have Chinese at the Buffet. I should have known better. I should have said we can go anywhere else but the Chinese Buffet. It is downfall especially when I can’t eat meat because it’s a meatless Friday. So needless to say we all know how salty Chinese is. So yeah, it helped me retain some water weight.

When I stepped on the scale at home I wasn’t surprised to see that all of that hard work that I had put in during the week was dashed upon the stone as how much water weight I was holding on to. Ugh. I knew that I had to just get on the scale at WW and face the music. It wouldn’t matter if I didn’t weigh in or not I knew that I had to do it.

I still lost weight which was good, but I can only imagine how much I could have lost had I not had Chinese food yesterday.

And since this last week I was trying to make up and lose some good amount of weight I went for an hour long walk. I was proud of myself. I had been able to walk just over 3 miles. So I figured that today after my meeting that I would do it again. I bought all kinds of things to help out because I didn’t want to get a blister. I felt one earlier this last Thursday when I walked before trying to form on my left Achilles. So I put a bandaid on my heel hoping that I would make it so that I could avoid one. Sadly it didn’t help.

About 30 minutes into my walk I start feeling the pain that I know that I am not going to be able to walk any longer and head to my car (because I had been walking on a track) and sure enough I took my sock off and there it was. I had wore a hole in my Achilles’ heel.

I like to walk. It gives me time to think. It give me time to come up with plots for writing. I wish that I could walk barefoot, but my soles are too tender for that. I am going to have to find some other way to walk with out having shoes on, because no matter the type of shoe I’m wearing I get some pretty terrible blisters. Maybe I can figure something out soon.


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