On Being a Stay at Home Mom

So what is the deal about telling a woman who is a stay at home mom (sahm) that if she is bored while she is away from her kids that it isn’t healthy? Seriously? He is my job. He is the center of my world. We do everything together and he is a smart little boy because of it. People tell me all the time that he talks very well for his age because they can understand what words he is using.

I have things that I do when I am away from my child. I do have hobbies. I go to weight watchers meetings. I crochet. I knit. I read. But I still get bored when I’m not with him after a while. Nap time is the perfect amount of time that I am “away” from during the day.

I don’t know maybe I am not wording my boredom right. Maybe I should say that instead I’m missing him. I enjoy the reactions that he has for things. I love that he is learning with me all of the time.

At the same time I believe that our stupid ass culture has messed this whole thing up for women and men that want to have a traditional family life. It is not the norm that I want to spend my time with my child when we live in a world where the mom wants to continue to further her career instead of raising her children (I know that this isn’t true for all women). We live in a culture where in order to “live” better than we really ought to and both parents both have to work and we pay someone else to raise our children.

This is what the women’s lib movement has gained for us. Now women are working more than ever and still trying to balance everything at home too.

So yes women Heaven forbid that you say you are bored without your child and they will think that there is something wrong with you and you need meds.


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