It’s amusing to say the least what happens when the power goes out.

We are all so used to bring connected to everything that we almost go into a panic mode. It is nice to get out and take a walk if you can. Or enjoy the silence for a bit.

I have to admit though that after my brief walk with my son when we for back to the house I has to use my phone so that we could listen to some kind of music.

We played on the floor and tickled each other and had a great time. We both got to bug each other to death. And read lots of extra books.

You really get to appreciate all of the technology and electricity that we have on a normal day. I am truly grateful that I got my dishes washed this morning before we lost power. I am thankful that my clothes all got washed yesterday. We’ve all become so dependent on electricity.

The power being out can really make you more imaginative and creative.


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