This Last Week

So if you don’t know, I am Catholic and this week started Lent so that we can prepare for Easter that is coming in six weeks. I really like Lent. It is so prayerful. Yes there is always that giving up or doing something extra for Lent, but it’s just a time to get closer to God no matter how you might do it.

In the years before I had my son we would go to Stations of the Cross on Friday nights, especially as I was preparing to become Catholic myself. I have thought about taking up that practice just by myself on Friday’s when my son is taking his nap. He would not be someone to take to something like that just yet. As he gets a little better about being quiet in a church type setting I will totally take him. But right now that boy couldn’t be quiet if our lives depended on it. Seriously.

With my life in the situation that is now, I am willing to get as close to God as I can. He loves me for me.

My week with food this past week was a decent one. I end up losing another 1.4 pounds. I am getting excited for the next decade in my weight loss. Soon I’ll be in the 180’s again. The last time I was there was before I had my boy. I had lost down to 184.4 before I got pregnant. Once I get down there it will be the lightest that I’ve weighed in 13 years. It shocks me that it has been that long since I was that light.

I’m ready to visit the past in my weight. I want to weigh that much again and less. And I’m going to.


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