Friday Night Games

So on some Friday Nights I go and get together with my guy friends. We gather around a map with miniatures.

20130208-194634.jpg We roll dice, and we role play into hilarity. Tonight we controlled an undead T-Rex. How cool is that?

There is just something pretty cool about getting together with friends and playing games. Some people get together to play poker or bridge. Some people get together to play board games. We get together to roll dice and play with paper, pencil, a map, and minis.

Right now me and my group of friends play Pathfinder. We used to play D&D 4th edition and then it started to drag and take forever to play a dungeon, so we switched. Pathfinder is so much better and quicker than 4th edition.

But the company of people is what makes everything fun. After the game is done we rehash everything that happened and how we might change our equipment for the next game. Then after the rehashing is done we start to talk about just about anything that catches the mood. This Friday night we talked about Epic Fantasy Fiction of our  time (Wheel of Time and A Song of Ice and Fire). Our theories on both, and what each author did and how they might have made their writing better.

I really enjoy the Friday nights that I get out to play and talk.


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