Wine? Yes Please!

So this evening I decided that I would go through my fridge since it was trash night. I got rid of a lot of trash out of there. That made me happy. I really need to clean the shelves and things in there when I get a chance before I go shopping for groceries and fill it back up. And in the back there was a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from 1999.


So with dinner I had two glasses and it has done wonderful for my nerves. Lately I’ve been feeling stressed, and tonight it’s just melting out of me. Tomorrow I’m sure that it will all be back but for now…

It’s actually kind of too bad that I can’t sell the large amount of alcohol that I own on eBay. I’m pretty sure that they frown on that especially the authorities. But since we have a couple of bottles of wine I figure I might as well drink them (just not all at once *wink*).

And even though I am having my wine tonight I am still counting it with Weight Watchers. Because with Weight Watchers you can eat like a normal person. All you have to do is track it!


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