Auctioning My Life Away

Next Item Up For Bid Is...

Next Item Up For Bid Is…

So today I have been going a bit crazy with cleaning and putting lots of things up on eBay. If I can get all of this stuff sold I will start bringing in some serious cash. And that is always a good thing. When is getting money for the stuff you no longer want not a good thing?

I really liked the money that I got at my garage sale toward the end of last year. I do need to get around and start putting my son’s baby clothes into lots so I can start making some cash on those. Because I am now swimming in boy clothes that he can’t wear anymore.

I am really enjoying the iPhone app that eBay has developed. I love being able to post an auction or something all on my phone. I can attach pictures and everything from there. The only other thing I need for posting is my scale so I can weigh things. It’s great at getting your sales out there too because you can share them to your twitter! I’m going to have to see if I can share them to my Pinterest too. Because I already have my twitter post to my Facebook I don’t even have to post there, but there is that option too!

If you would like to check out my current listings click here! Right now I’ve got a bunch of books and a couple of home decor things.

Ha! Maybe I could make eBay a way to stay at home and make money after all things are said and done. Though after I’m done selling things in my house I’d have to start finding other things to sell… Might have to start going to garage sales. I don’t know what I think about that yet. But some people make really good money that way.


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