Hi There Change

So today is my weigh in day at Weight Watchers. When I got up on the scale today I dropped another 1.4 pounds. That made me feel awesome! Then the wonderful lady that weighed me in told me that because I was doing so well my Daily Points Target went down by 1. 😦 And here I just got used to the 29 that I had before. I normally fluctuate in weight on the week following a point drop because I’ve lost that extra point to play with. Change and I aren’t usually a good thing. And then after a sushi lunch out I got the fortune cookie that said “You will make change for the better.” That was just what I needed. Maybe I should ask for fortune cookies before I eat. LOL!

I was proud of myself this week with following the WW plan. I tracked almost everything except last night because I knew that I had enough points to handle the buffet that I was going to without going over board. If something tasted salty I didn’t eat anymore of it. I stuck with veggies and un-sauced meat. Now I just need to keep at drinking water.

While I was munching away on my plate of sushi I get an email from the district leader for AVON telling me that they were having an Event just a couple of doors down from where I was at the restaurant. So I decided (especially after I got that fortune) that I needed to go down a couple of doors and see what was happening! From now on I’m going to do some AVON Events on Saturdays! Next Saturday (February 9th) I’ll be in Leeds, AL at the The Shops of Grand River in the Wilson’s Leather Outlet! So come by and say Hi! We’ll be giving out samples and catalogs.

Change is always right around the corner. There is always something. If life was always a straight road it would be pretty boring. We make important decisions everyday and even little ones can have a big effect on your life. It has been a big decision to keep on working on losing weight, and it was a big decision for me to start selling AVON. But it is little things that help with those big decisions and they guide you to do what you need.


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