Woman Dies of Clutter

Well almost. Ha!

So obviously I am not keeping the house and neither is my STBX. Which is just fine with me. I am ready for a fresh start in my own house with my own rules. I figure that it will be much easier to start from the very beginning to keep things clean with a whole new home.

Because of the coming split I am going through clutter and purging along with getting some boxes out and putting things in them with an inventory on the box top.

There aren't enough boxes...

There aren’t enough boxes…

It’s hard to believe sometimes at how much stuff you actually own until you are getting ready to move. Once the boxes come out you almost believe that you don’t have enough boxes to pack it all. Or you get over confident that there are plenty of boxes and there isn’t enough stuff to fill them. Until you actually start filling them.

If you ever feel like your house could overwhelm you, check out The Fly Lady. Following her plans have really helped me now and in the past. This month her focus is on decluttering for just 15 minutes a day. “Your house didn’t get messy in one day, so don’t expect it to get clean in a day either.” It’s kind of the same way when you’re trying to lose all that weight from the holidays.

Routines are important. So that is why I am going to fit in 15 minutes at least a day to declutter and start to pack things up. Crap is about to get real and we are going to want to be moved out of here as soon as possible. At least my stuff will be ready to go when we close on the house.

I’ve always wanted to take some really good pictures of this house that we are in now but it never seemed to be clean enough for me to do that. I am embarrassed at how my house looks. It comes from having to be that perfect mom syndrome.

From what everyone has told me the first step of getting your house sold is decluttering and cleaning it. Then you start working on the other things like making it pretty. Call me crazy but I wish that we could just skip to the making it look pretty part.


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