My Weight Loss Battle

The bane of my exsistance.

The bane of my existence.

In High School my weight and I mostly got a long. I was about 125 pounds. I was active because of the job I had. It wasn’t until I actually went to college when the weight started to creep up. I wasn’t in an active job anymore because I sat behind a desk. I ate things that were full of sodium and carbs that were obviously not my friend, and my weight moved up to 175 by the time I graduated college. It’s hard to believe that I gained 50 pounds in a span of 2 years. But that’s what living on Ramen and Mountain Dew will get you.

After I finished my first degree I left for the south with my fiancee. Where I got a stressful job and continued to go to school. My weight exploded and I was the heaviest that I had ever been. I got up to 210 before I started to try and lose weight before my wedding. I lost down to 190 before I got married.

After I got married I made it up to 240. I couldn’t believe it. I was trying to get pregnant. I knew that wasn’t going to be healthy for me or my baby to be that weight. So before I got pregnant I started Medifast and lost about 60 pounds. Right at 190 I got pregnant so that put the kabosh on losing anymore weight for the time being.

It wasn’t until my son’s first birthday that I decided that I needed to get on the ball and start to lose weight for good. I joined Weight Watchers for the third time. I knew that it was a program that works. Because all you have to do is keep track of how much you are eating to lose weight. It’s not that hard. I lost about 25 pounds within about 6 months. And then I stopped. I was right back at 200. It was like there was a terrible wall that I just couldn’t get past.

I never quit Weight Watchers this time. I kept coming to meetings. But for whatever reason that was plainly stupid I just couldn’t keep on track. Excuses were every where and I was more than willing to keep throwing them out. After Thanksgiving of 2012 I decided that I needed to get back on the ball. 2013 was going to be the year of the new Jaime. It was going to bring lots of change and I wasn’t about to let the stress that I am going through derail me this time. Just because I might be stressed doesn’t mean that I have to feed that emotion.

I have this goal of making it to my goal weight by the end of 2013 which will be at 120 pounds. Right now I’m 196. 76 pounds might be a little much for the end of the year but I’m going to fight for it. And if I don’t make it to goal weight I want to get as close to it as I can be. I would love to be in the 170s or lower by July.

I know it’s a journey and that it won’t be over for a very long time. But this time I’m going to follow through. No one is going to hold me back because I am the only person who decides what goes in my mouth, and what and how I am active. Feel free to join me in this journey I know that we all need support too!


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