The Writing’s Been Good

The writing has been pretty good lately. I have been able to get down crazy amounts of pages of hand written journal. I have been able to take writing prompts and run with them. Where has this part of my brain been in the past six or so years. It seems like I could never do this much writing before. It’s like someone has pulled a plug and everything just started oozing out.

I have also been going crazy on Twitter lately too. I’m surprised no one has told me to shut up yet. But twitter is just that kind of place where everyone and no one is listening all at the same time.

There is a website called Writers Write and they give amazing advice and writing prompts. I follow them on Facebook and Pinterest and here lately on Twitter. Looking through their writing prompts that they post on Pinterest early yesterday morning just made something click in my head. My mind is turned on and I’m so happy for it.


Writing Old School Style

I have also found that I am able to write with more focus when I’m not on the computer doing my first draft. I always seem to get sidetracked. Because there is Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. They are all distractions. Another great website that I have going in the background when I’ve been writing today is Coffitivity. What it basically does is give background noise to make it sound like you are sitting in a coffee shop without actually having to be in a coffee shop. Now if I could just remember to brew a cuppa before I started my writing I probably would be better off!

I want this phase to continue. I am happy when I’m producing something. I have this problem though. I’m very flighty. Something else will pop up like my unfinished crochet project that is almost done and I’ll drop everything else. But I need to get that finished so I can show it off too. 🙂

Have a good one readers!


Things Got Crazy

Things got crazy for a while there in the middle of July, but it has opened my heart and my mind a lot to think and pursue different things. Things that I like doing. Things that make me happy.

The two biggest and major things that happened last month were the ends of chapters in my life and others. At the end of June my Father called to let me know that his Dad had found out that he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was in an incredible amount of pain (he passed not long after the diagnosis). And I settled on my divorce. My Grandfather’s passing and my settlement came all with in a week of each other.

I know that I wasn’t ready for either of them to happen. Who ever is ready for such major things like these? No one I know of.

After grieving on both fronts my brain has started to loosen from its tightly wound state. There was nothing coming out. I felt stagnant. The only thing that I found myself able to do is knit. I had to knit to keep my hands busy or I’m pretty sure that I would have eaten everything in the house. Now it seems like there is some space in my head to think about other things. There are parts of stories that are trying to eek out, I actually finished knitting a blanket for my son, I started making a crochet project for myself, and I’ve been writing in my journal  way more than I had been.

I have started to become inspired again and it’s a wonderful thing. I’m getting inspired on a spiritual front, an artistic front, and a moving on (both mentally and physically moving) front. As soon as STBX removes my name from the mortgage and I receive my monetary amount I’ll be moving. To where I don’t know.

Now I feel like I can look for a job and not feel like there is anything holding back. Maybe there was that hope somewhere deep inside me that it was all a dream and I would wake up and I wouldn’t be in the middle of a divorce. I don’t feel this way anymore. Now I’m just ready to get on with that bit in my life. I know that it’s coming now and do what I have to do to get work.

A friend of mine offered to help me with my resume so it would look better, because it was in terrible shape. Another friend of mine offered to put in a good word for me at his place of business and would give his boss my resume. So I have to get it all spiffed up and to him asap.

I am not completely over all that has happened in the past month by any means. I’m still keeping my family in my thoughts and prayers because it isn’t finished for any of us. I keep hoping that this year will end (at the very least without anymore heartache than necessary).

Hello Again

I know that I haven’t written anything in a long while. That is mostly because not a whole lot has changed. Life has trudged on in the same fashion that it has been for the past year. Nothing has happened on my relationship front. I haven’t got any new leads on a job somewhere. I have put out lots of resumes and cover letters to no avail. I’m afraid that I’m not qualified or too qualified for the positions that I’m applying for.

My weight loss has stalled again. And it’s usually over the tremendous amounts of stress that I’ve been under. I’ve been trying very hard not to stress eat but it doesn’t always work. I did get a Nutribullet and I have been using that for the past week and a half with good results so far. In the very least I am getting in all of my fruits and veggies for the day. I have even thought about doing the Simply Filling Technique from Weight Watchers (since I am still making my weekly appearances there). I have a feeling that doing SFT would be hard considering that I am around regular food anyways when it comes to feeding my son.

I have been trying to make some money with Amazon Mechanical Turk and have been getting at least a couple of dollars a day that I’m putting away for work clothes, stuff that I’ll need for my next house, and my emergencies. If you follow my Avon page on Facebook I have really ramped up posts there and on Twitter. I post great deals in both locations. Because saving money is important, it doesn’t matter how much you have.

I have also pulled out some of my writing from way back, and have started trying to formulate ways that I can storyboard it for novel ideas. She snorted unbelievingly. Writing is hard, because if it was easy everyone would do it. I will try to post more here because believe it or not I do like to write.

An Update of Sorts

So I know that I didn’t write much of anything last week. I have to admit that I was concentrating on putting in resumes and applications at different positions around the metro. I am hoping for one of those really good paying jobs. I would love to be able to start somewhere making decent money. I know that I won’t make as much as my last job right off, but even half of that would allow me to get into a house of my own.

I have also really started to brainstorm and try to figure out what kind of story/novel I want to write. Sometimes even figuring out the genre that you want to write in can be a bit mind numbing. I am a romantic at heart. So of course every time I go to write even something with elves, dwarves, and men that I start pairing them up with their beloveds before anything even gets on paper! Sometimes it’s pretty annoying. I would love to be able to concentrate on a story line that does not just revolve around “love.”

Since I have been leaning toward the romance side I have started looking into how to write a good romance novel. The biggest thing with me writing romances is that they would probably be in the “sweet” category, because I don’t really want to write about sex. I find that when I read romance novels that I end up skipping all of the sex parts anyways. That always bums me out because I’m afraid that I’m going to miss something in the middle of all of that sex going on.

At the same time I find myself wanting to resurrect one of the stories that I was working on in high school. The only thing is that I would probably want to scrap most of the writing that I did and start over with just the ideas and basic outline, because my writing from back then seems so basic and blah.  At one point in college I wrote a couple of fan fictions for sailor moon, and going back to read them now makes me want to shudder. I don’t know how I ever got good reviews on them.

It’s alright though. I’ll get something published eventually.